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This Private Policy describes how MixhouseATL uses information collected from our users to provide a customized and richer experience.  MixhouseATL is committed to ensuring that the information obtained from any user is protected.  We reserve all rights to make changes to this privacy policy, so check this page occasionally.  For questions, suggestions, and responses to our terms of use or any other aspects of this website, users can easily contact us at info@mixhouseatl.com.  We strive to respond promptly to all requests.  Please, read the details of our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use below:

Q: What information does MixhouseATL collect?

A: When visiting this website, the information we may collect includes:


• Name

• Physical address (which may include your home address)

• Email address

• Telephone number

• Age

• Hobbies, and  entertainment preferences

Any credit card-specific information may also be obtained by us, our subsidiaries, or affiliates however, we assure you that the information collected is kept in utmost confidentiality as we value the privacy of our users.  We do not share any information with third parties without the full consent of our users.  Nevertheless, MixhouseATL collects this information to improve our services and give you a better experience.  We only collect and store information that you knowingly and willingly provide while browsing through our website.

Q: What does MixhouseATL do with the information collected from users?

A: For customers that have agreed to receive email marketing from us or our subsidiaries/affiliates, the information we collect is used for various purposes:

• We customize the personal experience of each user.  Because we value the experience of our web users, we make use of the information collected to personalize the services we offer them and provide them any information they may request.


• We may sell the information to any third party, with user consent.  We may also bring unique and selected retail opportunities to our website users by selling their personal information to any third party.  These third parties include: (a) email marketers; (b) businesses that provide us direct marketing applications and services such as data enhancement, validation and suppression, and lookup reference; and (c) telemarketers.


• We may allow agents working for us to have access to the personal information of our users to ensure they perform their contracted function(s).  A few of the functions that may demand to employ other companies or agents include data analysis, market analysis, and removal of duplicate data from the user list.  We may also employ agents or third parties to manage our websites or business however, we do not allow these agents to make use of the information provided for any other reason than the contracted purpose.


• We purchase email lists from third-party vendors, organizations, and affiliate sites to manage our mailing lists.  Our users reserve the right to opt-out of our mailing list by making use of the unsubscribe button at the end of each email received.  The personal information we gather may also be used for administering our business.


• We may also get more information from external sources to add to the ones we have about you to manage our business and offer unique services and experiences.


• In certain circumstances, information about our users may be released to other third parties. Some of the circumstances which affect our websites or services and may demand the release of information include:

(a) if the user is using or has used our platform or services to commit an unlawful act which demands legal proceedings;

(b) if our company is acquired or sold; (c) if the information is required for court appearances; (d) if there is a violation of terms and conditions of our Privacy Policies or other policies, rules and other conditions that guide our website, services or products at MixhouseATL; (e) in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission regulations and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, we reserve the right to release your information such as email address to other parties when we essential or appropriate.

• Furthermore, we may sell, share, lease, rent, and/or distribute your personal information to the third party in agreement with law and this Privacy Policy.  We do not share, sell, or provide the Social Security Number of California State residents to any organizations or third parties without the due consent of the resident in agreement with the California Financial Privacy Act.

Q: How does MixhouseATL collect information about the user's IP Address?

A: Your IP address is known as your unique identifier which gives you an identity on the internet and helps us obtain your demographic information.  We also utilize the IP address to diagnose any problems that our server may have and manage our website tracking.

Q: Our Cookies explained:

A: This website makes use of cookies to get information about our website users.

A cookie is a small piece of file found on a computer that allows tracking, storing, and saving of information about the users.  The cookie gives your computer a special identification number and also tracks your visits to different websites to ensure that you get a personalized experience when browsing.  At MixhouseATL, we make use of the cookies to track experiences of our website visitors and obtain non-personal data including anonymous session numbers.

​Q: Our Email Newsletter:

A: We manage an email newsletter program to provide information about our top or newest music, news, products, promotions, and services to subscribers. MixhouseATL sends this newsletter to subscribers every week.  Subscribers may also get notifications about our special features and contests through our newsletter.  Users may subscribe to our newsletter at their own discretion, but users may also unsubscribe from emails at any time.  Every email newsletter or email marketing program we send to users will contain an unsubscribe hyperlink.  All requests to unsubscribe will be processed in a timely manner.  However, if you do not want us to share your personal information with our company, please, get in touch with us at info@mixhouseatl.com.

Q: Our Marketing Partners:

A: For online and offline marketing purposes, we reserve the right to share, sell, or license your personal information to any third-party marketers or advertisers.  Registering with MixhouseATL means that you have given your consent to receive offers, email subscriptions, notifications from us, our partners/affiliates, and third-party marketers through different appropriate means.  If you wish to stop receiving any notifications from us or third-party marketers, use our opt-out options.  You can also contact third party marketers or us to stop receiving SMS notifications.

Q: Third-party Advertising:

A: MixhouseATL utilizes third-party advertising agents and companies to offer our services. Your personal information may be collected by these agents or companies to provide a tailored experience that optimizes the services or products received.  To get more information about third-party advertising, contact us at info@mixhouseatl.com.

Q: Guidelines for Children:

A: We do not intentionally obtain any kind of personal information about children under the age of 13.  Parents and guardians are advised to monitor how children make use of the internet and prevent children from sharing personal information on this website without permission.  For any children under the age of 13 that provide personal information, we are not liable for the implications.

Q: External Links:

A: Although we make every effort to ensure any external content on this website is safe and useful to our users, each user should be cautious when clicking any external links. MixhouseATL does not guarantee or verify the contents of all external links you may see on this website.  We do not take responsibility for the privacy policies of any external websites.  Users should bear in mind that if they click on any external links it is at their own risk and we are not liable for any implications of clicking on an external link.

q: Contests and Promotions:

A: Occasionally, we sponsor contests and promotions in which users can participate.  Our subscribers get exclusive rights to receive notifications about our contests and promotions.  We may also request our users to submit their names, email addresses, and other personal information before allowing them to join our contests and promotions so we may provide notice to the winners.  Furthermore,  if our contest or promotion is sponsored by any third party, such a party may have access to your personal information.













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